Shetai Hair Care Products: 100% Natural Ingredients

We carefully hand-make each jar of Shetai Hair Butter using only the best natural ingredients. This is how we know our products are kinder to your hair and able to meet your individual needs.

You’ll never find sulfates, parabens or mineral oil in anything that we offer and we don’t test on animals.

All of our natural hair products have undergone rigorous laboratory trials followed by further proving on carefully chosen samplers who, by the way, were delighted with the positive changes to their hair.

Shea Butter, Organic 

Applied by African women for centuries, pure Shea Butter is a multi-talented marvel which packs a mighty punch when it comes to skin and hair care. As well as smelling heavenly it’s also rich in Vitamin A, E, F, proteins and fatty acids. These ultra-moisturising properties enable it to deeply penetrate the hair shaft, preventing breakage and promoting growth. 

Coconut Oil

Another potent ingredient. Its natural protein booster qualities help to strengthen weak hair. It keeps moisture locked in so you can say goodbye to a dry and itchy scalp, plus it gives you softer feeling hair for longer. In addition you can use it all over your body. What’s not to love about this great oil straight from Mother Nature?

Vitamin E Oil, Natural

Every time you slather it on or use it as a hair mask you’re repairing and building tissue through its anti-oxidants. And that’s not all. How about reducing inflammation on your scalp, decreasing the number of damaged follicles and acting as a natural preservative for our Shetai Hair Butter? Yep, our non-GMO Vitamin E Oil does it all without complaining and guess what, we love this too!

Peppermint Essential Oil

We found the perfect match when we mixed this essential oil with Shetai Hair Butter. In fact this little experiment triggered a chain of events which had us grinning from ear to ear. First of all the fusion stimulates your scalp. This in turn increases blood circulation which then encourages hair growth.

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