Product Review: Shetai Natural Hair Butter

by Blogger Victoria Ita


Review by Victoria Ita

Hey guys, 

I will be reviewing a hair butter sent to me from a UK Natural Hair Company, Shetai Hair Care. If you are a UK based interested in hair products that contain healthy natural ingredients, and you are still not aware of Shetai Hair Care, then you are indeed sleeping on the job! It is co-owned by two sisters, Margaret and Ruth who are Black-British women based in the UK (Yay to black owned businesses and fempowerment!). This product is geared towards all hair types, including those who are still chemically processing their hair, something for everyone.

The hair butter is sold in two separate sizes: 120ml and the 250ml. The label states that the hair butter can be used on both ‘dry and damp hair’, simply ‘apply to hair section by section from root to tip’ which I have been, and I am loving the results so far.

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Feedback On The Hair Butter

  • The butter has a light peppermint scent to it, which makes my hair smell fresh without being overbearing. This is something I like about the product, as I am not a fan of products with artificial scents that make my hair smell like a tropical juice.

  • The whipped velvet-like consistency makes it easy to distribute throughout my hair, it is not like unrefined shea butter which I have to melt sometimes to apply to my hair.

  • I do not need to apply too much product of the butter hair, a little really does go a long way.

  • As well as my hair feeling moisturised, it also leaves a nice shine to my hair.

  • The price for the product is good value for money, if you were to purchase the ingredients separately, you are unlikely to make this cheaper yourself, especially because it is made with natural ingredients without the harsh chemicals.

  • In terms of packaging, I would suggest if you are one who likes to travel with your products or usually want to ‘top up’ your hair moisturiser on-the-go, then opt for the 120ml jar as opposed to the 250ml.

  • In as much as I was looking for a con to the hair butter, I could not find one; it is a jar packed with rich vitamins and fatty acids which my hair adores!

How I Used My Shetai Hair Butter

On my regular hair wash-day, after shampooing and deep conditioning, on damp hair, working in sections, I will lightly sprits my hair with my water and aloe vera juice mix, and then sealed in the moisture with my Shetai hair butter. After this, I will proceed to do medium-large braids, which I would cover using a headwrap; as this was during my final year exams and dissertation project, I was not interested in doing different styles to my hair, just made sure it was moisturised underneath the headwrap. As shown in the pictures below, I decided to go for a stretched braid-out look, for dinner with some friends.

Feel free to check out their Shetai Hair Care’s website, and connect with them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter

Discovered Another Use for Shetai Hair Butter

Just a quick side-note, although this is specified for use as a hair butter, and I also discovered that is works great on my skin as a body butter too. This is me deviating from what is says on the label, and I am happy that I also experimented it on my skin. It leaves my body feeling moisturised and gives me a nice glow.   

I hope you enjoyed my review, and what is your hair’s favourite moisturising sealant? Let me know in the comments below

Peace and Love xo

Victoria from

*Product was sent to me for a review, all opinions are 100% my own :)


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