Who are Shetai?

Shetai is Margaret and Ruth. We’re sisters who were born and raised in London, with Nigerian roots. 

The name Shetai means?

It means that we make quality products that we are proud to put our names on. The word Shetai comes from combining our Nigerian names together, Seyi - pronounced Sheyi and Tayo - pronounced Taiyo. 

Have you always had a passion for black hair care?

Yes, definitely!  Being black women we can identify with those days when no matter what you do you just can’t get your hair to look right and if your hair isn’t good, nothing else on your body feels right either!

When it comes to caring for our hair we’ve experienced it all. From relaxers to braids to being completely natural and everything in-between. If there’s a hairstyle or treatment out there, we’ve most likely tried it.

How did Shetai start?

Through our own personal hair journey we realized, as most women do, that all we really wanted were products that make our hair look and feel great but unfortunately, many don’t. So you end up buying a product that’s not right and which just gets relegated to the shelf in your bathroom cabinet.  We got tired of wasting our money.

Do you feel that many manufacturers overpromise and under deliver?

Sadly, yes, we’ve experienced this many times. In this current trend for expensive all natural ingredients our research showed that often significantly less than 100% of the product was in fact natural.

We were alarmed that women and, of course men too, were being misled in this way.

Hence the name Shetai All Natural Hair Butter?

Well, not just the name. We’re proud to say that our company is one of only a few who cater for Afro and mixed hair by using 100% natural ingredients which improve the hair.

We’re a UK based hair care enterprise which promotes healthy, beautiful hair. It’s an exciting field to be in and we really love what we do!

How difficult was it to go from being a consumer to a manufacturer? Do you both have degrees in chemistry?

No, although we might have if we’d have a crystal ball when we were younger!

Having said that, it’s very important to know what you’re doing when you’re dealing with hair and skin so our first step was to successfully complete a certified course which taught us how to make effective natural hair products without the need for synthetics preservatives to prolong shelf life.

And the next logical step was to become Business Women?

After learning, trialing and testing we were eager to put our newfound knowledge to good use in helping our customers get healthy, strong, luscious locks.

We registered our company as soon as we could so that everyone could know that there was a new product that could give them everything they wanted with no chemicals or additives.  

In fact no nasties at all, just pure goodness.

I understand that there’s a fair trade element to Shetai Natural Hair Care?

We use organic Shea Butter which comes straight from African women farmers in West Africa. It’s a privilege to do business with these savvy ladies.  

Tell us more about your products

At present we manufacture and sell Shetai Natural Hair Butter.

We feel that it’s a real star in the hair care product world because it covers just about everything! It adds nutrients and seals moisture, preventing and reducing dry hair. It leaves your hair silky soft and has a very light peppermint fragrance. You can use it to pre-poo, condition or as a daily treatment before styling.

 The feedback has been great.  

What hair types do your hair products cater for?

Our customers are mainly of African or Caribbean descent with a wide range of hair types from natural, kinky and curly to permed hair. However, Shetai Natural Hair Butter can be used on all hair types. If you have fine straight hair, our advice would be to use it as a hair mask and shampoo it out after 10 minutes of application.

What’s in the pipeline?

Hair conditioner, shampoo and an oil treatment! All made with 100% natural ingredients giving you the Shetai brand quality guarantee.  Watch this space for announcements so you can be first to check them out!

What’s different about Shetai Hair Care?

Most hair care brands producing natural ingredients are very expensive! Our goal is to charge less for each cream so that the average person can have the same enjoyment and satisfaction along with strong, gorgeous hair. 

Where are you based?

We love our London life! It’s such a vibrant, fantastic city.  It’s also our home and where we grew up, however we’re international ladies too with family in Africa and around the world.

In the future we plan to expand our headquarters to Nigeria.

Sounds really good.  How can I get my hands on some?

We ship all over the UK and further afield to Europe, making sure that ordering is a very straightforward process and delivery is swift and easy.

You can shop online at our webstore www.shetai.co.uk

How can we follow you?

We’re always happy to interact with our customers and following us is a great way to hear about special offers and new product lines along with tips and featured articles on black hair care.

You can reach us via email info@shetai.com

Or find us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook @shetaihaircare


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