How To Combat Dry Hair

Making Dry Hair A Thing Of The Past


Have your recently stopped perming your hair in an effort to reduce damage and allow it to grow? Are you rocking your natural look but wondering why your hair always seems to be dry and breaks so easily? Would you love to know how you can get moisturised hair which looks and feels great? Sure you would! Here’s some tips to restore your hair to soft manageability while significantly reducing breaking and shedding.  

1. Moisturise Once A Day Every Day 

This stops dry hair from becoming inflexible and breaking. Within a few days your hair will feel softer and more elastic.  The full process, commonly known as the LOC process (Liquid, Oil, Cream) is described below. The good news is that it literally takes five minutes and can easily be incorporated into your morning or bedtime routine.  

The LOC Method 

Use a spritz bottle to spray water all over your CLEAN hair, from root to tip. You can also add a few drops of Apple Cider Vinegar or a spoon of Aloe vera juice for more effectiveness into the bottle. Pay particular attention to the ends which are the oldest and most delicate part of your hair having undergone the largest amount of wear and tear. Next, add an oil of your choice, such as Coconut Oil or Sweet Almond, again coating the hair from root to tip. Activate and warm the oil by rubbing your hands together immediately before applying it to your hair. 

Important to note that If you add oil without first adding the water your hair will feel as though it’s been coated with grease and not at all moisturized. Water, is essential for moisturizing hair! 

Finally coat your hair with a cream or butter of your choice. Doing this will seal the moisturise in your strands, thus keeping it soft and moisturised for longer :)  We recommend Shetai Natural Hair Butter, as the creamy texture will effectively nourish and seal the moisture in your hair. Remember that moisturised hair breaks less, thus longer hair. Also, hair that is moisturised tends to be thicker and luxurious.

This routine is perfect for morning styling or just before going to bed. Another tip is to wear a silk scarf to minimize breakage as you sleep. 

2. Pre-Pooing Works Too! 

Another great way to add moisture and eliminate dryness is to pre-poo your hair. Depending on the product, shampoo can strip your hair of natural oils over time leaving it prone to dryness and breakage. Coat your hair in hot oils like coconut oil for 30-60 minutes before washing. (We have found that warm coconut oil is more effective than room temperature.) Do this and you will notice that your hair will feel softer after your shampoo wash and condition routine.

Remember that clean hair absorbs moisture more deeply, and better moisturised hair means softer thicker beautiful hair :) We therefore advice you typically  wash your hair with a clarifying cleanser/shampoo once a month to remove product build-up.

3. Don’t Forget Conditioner 

Finally, a deep creamy conditioner after every shampoo is a must! Finger detangling your hair while it’s still coated in conditioner reduces shedding and makes it easier to deal with stubborn knots. A deep, creamy conditioner will not only leave your hair moisturised and silky soft but is superb at eliminating breakage while significantly reducing dryness.

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