How To Moisturise Type 4 Hair

Discover how to effectively moisturise your hair and say goodbye to dry hair using natural ingredients. This is a trusted and effective method used on Afro, curly and even Permed hair.

Product Review: Shetai Natural Hair Butter

Hey guys,

I will be reviewing a hair butter sent to me from a UK Natural Hair Company, Shetai Hair Care. If you are a UK based interested in hair products that contain healthy natural ingredients, and you are still not aware of Shetai Hair Care, then you are indeed sleeping on the job! It is co-owned by two sisters, Margaret and Ruth who are Black-British women based in the UK (Yay to black owned businesses and fempowerment!).

How To Combat Dry Hair

Are you rocking your natural look but wondering why your hair always seems to be dry and breaks so easily? Would you love to know how you can get moisturised hair which looks and feels great?

Natural Products vs Non Natural Products

When was the last time you checked the ingredients of your regular shampoo and conditioner or hair dye?
Are you in the habit of a quick wash and go with no real thought about what you’re putting into your hair? If so, you might be surprised to find that there are some real nasties lurking in commercial shampoo which could damage your hair, scalp, skin and hormones.
Read on for what to avoid and what to embrace.

Shetai Attended Natural Nights UK 2015

On 16th November 2015, the UK held its first Natural Night at one of the capital’s coolest venues in the heart of London.

This was a networking event for all things natural hair in the UK so, as you might expect, Shetai were happy to be there.

Moisturising Or Sealing: Do I Need To Do Both?

Sealing in the moisture reduces the rate of water lost from hair strands. This water is needed to keep your hair feeling soft and looking great. The curly structure of black hair renders it porous which means it’s prone to drying out easily. Afro hair will accept moisture, but often loses it just as quickly, which is why sealants are our kinky and curly hair’s best friend! Help your hair to retain its moisture by using a sealant.

Wash & Go with Shetai Natural Hair Butter

Using Shetai Natural Hair Butter on Afro Hair Type 4 using the Wash & Go Method. Natural hair vlogger Tyrone from @AfroHairAddictions shows us how he uses Shetai Natural Hair Butter in his hair growth routine.